With a track record of more than 20 years in the business, Frederik De Blauwe has built an experience in (international) marketing & management functions within companies such as Inbev, Pernod Ricard and Alken-Maes.  

After graduating as  ‘Masters’ in Applied Economics at the L..U.C., Frederik worked for 8 years at Inbev in lower & middle management positions. One of the most exciting episodes was when he was responsible for the management of the brands Hoegaarden and Leffe at the international marketing department.

In 2001 Frederik was hired at  Pernod Ricard as group brand manager. In Belgium, he was responsible with a small team for the local development of a portfolio of many different spirit brands.

In 2004, he was headhunted to take on the challenge to turnaround the Benelux lager business at Alken-Maes (Scottish & Newcastle).


However shortly thereafter; mid-2005, Frederik choose to take a different career path. He started as senior consultant at Batenborch International, where he successfully developed the retail practice and managed several strategic accounts.

In 2010, Frederik became the 3rd partner of Ysearch-international.


Today he is the founder of Fusion Executive and he fully merges his passion and expertise to offer TOP Service in DIRECT SEARCH. He is fully engaged in going the extra mile and making your search succeed. 




Marjan Decat is a commercial engineer and has over 20 years’ experience in change-management and people-management within large companies in a variety of sectors. She guided and implemented large transitions and reorganizations.  She considers the ‘human dimension’, ‘the person behind the change’ as “key” to make these transitions succeed.

Throughout her career she has always given great importance to the ‘individual’ leading the change and the ‘individual’ impacted by the change. All individuals have a great potential and can bring tremendous added value to whatever challenge to be faced.


Her passion is all about unlocking people’s full potential by building on their personal leadership. 


She followed an intensive coach-training program with iPEC in London. Today she is the first certified Energy Leadership coach in Belgium that can apply a unique Leadership assessment tool.


Marjan is full of energy and has a tremendous drive to work in close partnership to achieve

sustainable results. She knows how to connect and go to the core, challenge interpretations and

unlock the inner strengths to make people operate out of a win-win perspective and by doing so,

achieve great success and fulfillment.

Within Fusion Executive, she aims at matching the required leadership mindset with the cultural and leadership challenges ahead and helps candidates to unlock their full leadership potential so they can thrive in their new challenge. 


Farah Amri holds a degree in Innovation management and belongs to the first generation of graduates. Throughout this learning chapter Farah has found her passion and interest for the impact the human side has on innovatively growing the business. Her energy is at 110% when she’s ideating, facilitating and converting ideas into concrete results.  All this with a head-heart-gut approach with business objectives top of mind. She’s most in her element in entrepreneurial environments where she feels she can significantly contribute to success and make a real difference. When the partners are submerged in daily management, she opens her toolbox to leverage their services towards a customer delight and better candidate care.

Her passion is sparked by the genuine interest on what intrinsically motivates people.  She believes that people have the potential of a ten million watt bulb, if they are put in the right authentic environment where they are heard, coached and as a result prosper.

She has found the same set of beliefs within Fusion Executive, where top talent is scouted and the ideal professional setting is defined while the candidate is being coached towards the right next career step.

Thanks to her hybrid profile, Farah can speed up the recruitment process both as a researcher, doing the identification and selection of talent, and as the creator of relevant content towards interested candidates. The latter will make the candidate journey towards a career accelerating new chapter more concrete, objective and above all more sustainable.  Therefore, Farah blends in perfectly with the mission of Fusion Executive.



Steven Claes holds degrees in Applied Economics, International Economic strategies & Communication sciences from the University of Leuven. In the past 8 years working as an executive search consultant, he took on assignments within many sectors, such as FMCG, Construction, Electronics, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Sports, Academics, Media,… He has successfully tackled missions in all these areas, which gives him that extra edge when confronted with a new challenge. One thing is for certain, he would never back down from a challenge how difficult the search may be.

Steven is always eager to add value to every person and organization involved. To him, it is about creating a win-win situation for both clients and candidates. He believes that a perfect match helps both to fully reach their highest potential. The offered position must add value for the candidate and offer the right next step in his career.  But equally important, the candidate must be of great added value to the organization he will work for. He tries to be the Cupid within all industries, bringing together candidates and companies in relationships that will keep them both engaged for years to come.

In his mind, company culture is of the utmost importance to consistently show great results and outshine their competition. He truly believes in Fusion’s approach that stands for a candidate-centered approach where the cultural fit is considered as at least as important as the functional fit. He is a true ambassador of Fusion’s mission to change the view on traditional executive search.


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